Wednesday, June 16, 2010

beware of drama!!!

so i try to keep the drama to a minimum in this blog.....i am sure most people don't want to hear the crazy up and down crap of relationships.....but i am just having too crappy of a day! so i was dumped again and told that he would start looking for someone new and just wants to be friends.....however then gets mad when i say fine, we can be friends but don't tell me about all the things you couldn't get with me that you will get with this new person, ugh!!! i don't have to hear that anymore....well that is the end of my personal rant for now

i am just going to take it easy for now and get a job.....will hold off on dating for a bit but if i meet someone will go for it....just doubt i will be interested for a bit

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


so as you could tell from my last pic, have already started the summer fun in Chicago. for memorial day a friend of mine barbecued and then we all went for a walk on the beach. i was happy warm weather was here so i wore a dress and finally wore one of the shawls i made, traveling woman. i am very proud of it and it felt great!

this weekend is my neighborhoods festival, midsommersfest. planning on grilling and drinking before and then walking over. they are having some great bands and my friends/ex is coming with a cousin of his who just came from london. last year's fest was amazing, so i am expecting the same this year.

on the knitting front, i am still hard at work on my stepmoms blanket. made a mistake (mixed up what row i was on) and had to rip back five rows. this did however give me great chance to take a picture and it is coming out better than i could have ever expected!!! here it is:

Monday, May 17, 2010

more pics

sorry needed to add the pics of my finished mystery kal shawl, robin

catching up

so i guess i havent posted in awhile.....let's see what has been happening with me. my friend and i are still working things out but it seems to be going well with us. we will reevaluate everything once he gets everything settled with his family.

am still on the job search. i havent heard too much but am hoping to hear from a specific job with the state soon!!! everyone will be able to hear me screaming if get this job!

still working on my knitting. i just finished a project called saroyan, it came out very nice and have been wearing it during the cold snaps that keep coming back. have been working really hard on the blanket for my stepmom's birthday in august. i wish i could see her face when she gets it because i think it will blow her away. have to put my knitting away for a day or two since my wrist is giving me problems from too much knitting :(

had some news in my family. my stepsister and her husband were in a motorcycle accident this weekend, but are doing well considering.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

another shawl finished!!!



just a quick post to put up my new pics of a shawl i just finished...the name of the pattern in traveling woman.....the designer based it off of a bones character